Making sure that your property is ready to be view by buyer's is one of the most important things you can do to help sell your home.  Here are some important points:      Great rid of clutter.       Make sure that everything is off the kitchen counters.  Put them in the cabinets.  Clean up your bookcases.  Now is the time to box up all the books, CD's, records, nick nacks, and miscellaneous things you have on the shelves and bookcases.  Make sure the ends tables, dining tables, and all other surfaces of your home are clear, leaving only one decorative item on each surface.  Doing this simple things can make a difference in whether your home sells or not.



Finding the right home can take time.  Make a list of things that are the most important in a home, like fencing, garage, number of bedrooms.  Then think about things like: would you like a large country kitchen or a step saver kitchen, do you want a fireplace, is a formal dining room important.  All these decisions will help make your home buyer experience go smoother.